Patronne. The story.

\pa.tʁɔn\ noun

Une personne influente, protectrice, maîtresse.

The story of Patronne starts with Lindsey – the founder of Patronne – and her love for entrepreneurship that turned into a love for fashion.

“After years and years of longing to have kids, my wish finally came true, and I was blessed with a lovely daughter. I designed my life in a way that allowed me to be the best mother I could possibly be. As a result, my dream as an entrepreneur in fashion had to wait a little while until my daughter would be older. In the meantime, I was happy to see that my daughter developed a shared passion for fashion. Now the time has come where I can take the leap and share that passion. Not only with my daughter but also with all the beautiful souls out there that are looking for comfortable and alluring pieces.”


Patronne. The name.

Patronne means ‘a person of influence’ or as we like to call it ‘a boss lady’. It also means ‘protector, patron saint’, which we translate into taking care of our family, friends, and ourselves.

Next to that, our brand name ‘Patronne’ stems from a famous tequila brand. Tequila which was – and still is – our ally on crazy nights. Our partner in crime to make memories with friends we will never forget.


Patronne. The mission.

Our founder, as well as the brand itself, applies a personal touch. The team behind the scenes are all people that are a part of our founder’s life. These heartfelt collaborations are right up our alley. Our mission is to translate this personal touch into our collections and offer you highly curated items.

Patronne stands for high-quality items and sturdy fashion with a soft touch. While the designs are timeless, the pieces are innovative and fresh.

Patronne. A beautiful brand for beautiful souls. Designed in Belgium for women and young adults.